Water Backflow Assembly Testing

What is an RPZ and why do i have to get it tested?

Back Flow Pic
By now, many of you have received a letter from BSI Online stating that you need to get your backflow prevention assembly tested (pictured above).  Title 35, Section 653.802 of the Illinois Administrative Code Section 890.1130 of the Illinois Plumbing Code, as well as, New Lenox Municipal Code (Section 94-401 through 94-435) requires these devices to be tested upon installation and, at the minimum, tested once a year thereafter.  

Failure to have these devices tested annually could lead to your water service being terminated. 

The Village of New Lenox has contracted BSI Online to handle the notification and record keeping for this program.  They will be sending letters once a year to remind residents and businesses that it is time to have their assemblies tested.  Please do not disregard these letters.  Beginning in 2017, all devices must be tested by June 1st or July 1st   BSI will send out letters 30 days before your due date.  They must be tested by a certified Cross Connection Control Device Inspector.  The best time to get it tested is when it is installed for the season. 

Follow this link to find an Inspector certified in Illinois: 2020 List of Plumbers for RPZ Cross Connection Testing (This Document is grouped by Zip Code, page 56 is 60451)

These backflow devices prevent contaminants from entering not only your home, but also the Village of New Lenox water system and potentially injuring hundreds or thousands of our residents.  It is for the safety of yourself and your neighbors that these devices must be checked.


What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when a loss in water pressure (commonly due to a fire hydrant being opened, a water main break, or abnormally high water usage) causes the water in your pipes to flow in the opposite direction.  This could allow contaminated or polluted water to travel back into the drinking water supply possibly contaminating thousands of people.

What is a backflow prevention device?

A backflow prevention assembly is a testable mechanical device which uses valves, in different configurations, to prevent contaminated water or chemicals from flowing back into the public drinking water supply system.

Why do I need one?

Cross connections can occur at both commercial and residential properties. For commercial customers, cross connections exist in many forms, from carbonated beverage machines and ice makers, to fire sprinkler systems and x-ray machines.
On the residential side, the most common cross connections occur with lawn irrigation and fire sprinkler systems. 

Does a lawn irrigation system really need a backflow prevention device?

YES.  Lawn irrigation systems are considered a hazardous cross connection.  All particulates that are in your lawn can seep into the underground pipes and enter the drinking water supply.  This can be anything from fertilizers to animal feces.  Properly working backflow prevention devices protect this from happening.

Do I have to get it tested if I don’t use my sprinkler system anymore?

If you decide to no longer use your sprinkler system, you may cut and cap the pipe inside your home that leads to your sprinkler system.  Once this is complete, the Water Department will need to be notified so they can inspect it.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the Public Works Department at (815) 215-4800.

New Lenox RPZ Inspection and Delete Options

Option #1

Residents who continue to use their Lawn Sprinkling Systems for present or future use, MUST have the RPZ device inspected annually by a Licensed Cross-Connection Service or Plumber. Documentation of this inspection then needs to be sent to ‘BSI On-Line’, (the Liaison service between the Village and the EPA, usually completed by the inspector). See example 1.

Example 1
RPZ Option 1

Option #2

Residents who decide to no longer use the Sprinkler System and do not want to be responsible for the Annual RPZ Inspection, have the option to ‘Cut and Cap’ the service line inside the home. This option then requires an appointment for the Village of New Lenox to inspect the disconnection. See example 2.

Example 2
RPZ Option 2

Option #3

If the Resident would like the RPZ device removed, but still utilize their Deduct Meter, they may install a spigot to the outside service line. This will allow the deduction for outdoor water use. See example 3.

Example 3
RPZ Option 3

If you have any questions or concerns, call the Public Works Department at (815) 215-4800.

      If you have any questions or concerns, call the Public Works Department at (815) 215-4800.

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